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tv   America Reports  FOX News  August 10, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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beers, babies, baseball. >> ultimate beer pong win. a million dollar check for that. i'll draft now on my beer pong team, but i'm pregnant so i have water and coffee. >> sandra: fox news alert, a investors cheer a lighter than inflation report. dow at this hour up nearly 500 points as some economists are suggesting inflation that has been surging over the past year and a half, may be peaking. after a new labor department report shows prices dropping slightly, but remain to a four decade high. >> what does this mean for president biden's latest tax and spend bill. grover norquist, and david will sound off. >> looking forward to digging in with them. begin "america reports" with president biden's justice department under growing pressure to justify the fbi raid
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at former president donald trump's mar-a-lago estate, about two days ago. the new york attorney general is ramping up the civil investigation into the trump family businesses. a lot happening. hello, welcome everyone. mike, great to have you again. >> mike: great to be working with you, i'm in for john roberts in washington. former president trump taking the fifth amendment when questioned under -- after the deposition of two of his children, comes on the heels of an unprecedented fbi raid at the former president's former home on monday and as calls grow for attorney general merrick garland and fbi chief to address the matter. >> sandra: andy mccarthy will
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join us. the latest on the search to his home, but first david lee miller is outside of trump tower. david lee, unexpected that trump pled the fifth today? >> well, you know, sandra, we all know that mr. trump's behavior can be unpredictable, but this was not an enormous surprise, considering the fact that his attorneys have been trying for months without success to get the deposition canceled. nevertheless, this morning mr. trump left his apt here at trump tower to appear at the offices of the state attorney general, james is investigating whether mr. trump and his company inflated the value of properties to obtain loans, tax deductions and other financial benefits. mr. trump released a statement on his social media platform that reads in part, i did nothing wrong, why after five years of looking the federal, state and local governments with
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the fake news media have found nothing. and continues, accordingly under advice of counsel, i decline to answer questions under the rights and privileges afford every citizen under the united states constitution. and another post, the former president wrote, at the plush and beautiful a.g. office, nice working conditions as people are being murdered all over new york and she spends her time getting trump. and three of his children have already been questioned as part of the probe. a.g. investigation is a civil matter but could result in fines against him and his company. new york's d.a. is conducting a separate criminal investigation into his business dealings and if he had decided to testify under oath instead of taking the fifth, whatever he said could have been used against him in that criminal matter. and lastly, in a statement, mr. trump cited the raid at his mar-a-lago home that took place
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on monday and accused what he described as the current administration and many prosecutors in the country of having lost in his words all moral and ethical bounds of decency. sandra. >> sandra: thank you very much. >> mike: now david spunt at the justice department, silence over the fbi raid is raising questions. david, still nothing from the attorney general? >> david: nothing from the attorney general, at least publicly. day two of silence here. this is the nexus of this investigation but we have yet to hear from the attorney general. someone pointed out to me earlier today the attorney general, when asked about investigating or possibly investigating former president trump over the past 18 months has said repeatedly no one is above the law and the department of justice operates without fear or favor, but still we have not heard him make a statement or even deliver a written statement specifically about this. mike, it's tradition that the
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doj does not comment on ongoing investigations, but he could comment if he wanted to. and growing concerns of garland's safety, and also the safety of the fbi director, and of fbi agents across the country. a significant increase in death threats aimed towards agents ray and garland, the threats continue at a steady clip online. fbi doj security procedures not made public and both garland and ray travel with armed security, but they may increase the security. they gave a heads's up on monday to let them know they would be entering mar-a-lago to take documents and had a valid search warrant. contents not made public but growing public and political pressure to do so, mike. trump's attorney said yesterday that after a back and forth
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negotiation, his legal team was able to get ahold of a copy of the search warrant, meaning that this morning, this afternoon, tonight, whenever they want, they could release to the public what is on that document. it doesn't include all the details but it will give us somewhat of an idea what they are looking for. mike, this is a blank search warrant receipt right here, which shows where they would list some of the property that was taken and what exactly was seized. this would be the form that was used during the search of the trump home. trump's legal team tells fox news they have no plans to release this to the public at this point, mike. >> mike: david, many thanks. >> sandra: andy mccarthy, former u.s. assistant attorney and fox news contributor. i want to put up on the screen the timeline and how we got here and what we have seen transpire. january 2021, the events leading up to this moment, donald trump departs the white house shortly before biden is sworn into office. he takes with him, trump does,
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an undisclosed number of boxes containing classified documents. it was late in 2021 when the national archives and records administration, agency tasked with preserving federal records, contacted representatives of the former president. shortly after january 2022, correspondents, that then donald trump return 15 missing boxes of classified materials from his time in office. that leads us to june of 2022, doj officials travel to mar-a-lago we are told to meet with lawyers representing trump regarding these additional missing documents. and that brings us to august of 2022, those talks break down, the doj pursues a search warrant and the fbi executes this raid that happened 48 hours ago. so now, here we are, andy. what questions do you have? >> well, i have two in the main. one is how much overlap is there
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between the timing of the execution of the search warrant and the broader investigation the justice department is doing in connection with the events of january 6th because i don't think the two can be separated out. what happened at mar-a-lago is not in isolation. it's part of a pattern that goes on for about six weeks that begins with search warrants on a couple of trump-related lawyers who were involved in january 6th, and continues, sandra, even the day after the mar-a-lago search warrant with this search warrant that was extraordinary that was executed on congressman scott perry for his cell phone. he's one of the trump allies in the house who was very much involved in the stop the steal campaign that surrounds january 6th. so, i don't think these things can be separated. i want to be clear, i'm not
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saying that the search that they did at mar-a-lago, when i say it's pretextual, they want evidence on more than one matter, i'm not saying they were fraudulent in getting the search warrant. i think they are more interested in january 6th than they were interested in what they were -- what the reason for the warrant was, classified information and the government records. >> sandra: are you surprised by the former president pleading the fifth? >> i'm not surprised by it but i think it's more significant than we may assume. in criminal cases, when somebody takes the fifth, the judge tells the jury you can't draw any negative inference about that. like put it out of your mind it never happened. that's not the way it works. in civil litigation, you can
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take the fifth if you think a truthful answer can incriminate you, but the fabt finder -- cost analysis, am i more damaged in the litigation by staying silent where there's a real cost to that than i would be if i gave information. so i think it's -- it's a bigger deal in a civil case when somebody does not agree to testify. >> sandra: finish off with the "wall street journal" editorial board this morning, a firm warning, the fbi dangerous search at trump's mar-a-lago, maybe be a fishing expedition to find evidence related to january 6th. to your point, andy, the raid occurred only about 90 days from a national election, also increases the political suspicion. the fbi search on trump suggests that garland may be committed to pursuing and indicting mr. trump. if so, he is taking the country on a perilous road.
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your final thought on that, andy. >> yeah, i think it would be very easy, sandra, for the attorney general to say he's not going to want to confirm details of the investigation and tell us the underlying information, but they could give us a timeline where they said look, we tried to be reasonable. first asked them for the documents, went back down to talk to them, then a grand jury subpoena, still would not give it to us and finally no choice because this is national security information, we had to get it so we had to do a warrant. how hard would it be if they had that kind of an explanation, how hard would it be to give it. >> sandra: andy mccarthy, thank you very much. mike, so much pressure on the doj to explain this move and this silence is leading, obviously, to a lot of speculation. >> mike: you understand standard procedure but it's anything but a standard procedure, going into
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a former president's home, and the american people and the republican part of the country want answers. >> sandra: indeed. >> mike: a plot from iran to assassinate john bolton. one saying he offered $300,000 in a murder for hire plot likely in retaliation for the airstrike that killed the iran generally sulemani. >> sandra: china says drills are here to stay. is the u.s. doing enough to stop a potential inflation. we will ask congressman waltz. >> mike: and three more busses loaded with migrants arrive in new york city. how eric adams is reacting to having the border crisis sent right to his doorstep. >> sandra: and a scary scene in a little league game turning
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into an uplifting one. we'll speak with both of those players about their viral moment on the pitcher's mound. grab a tissue. ♪♪♪
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>> sandra: three more busses packed with nearly 100 more illegal immigrants arriving this morning here in new york city. texas governor abbott now calling the big apple a designated dropoff location for migrants, and says plenty more are on the way. bryan llenas is at the port authority. what was the scene like this morning, bryan. hello. >> we were in the middle of a real scrum, more than a dozen
10:18 am
cameras, new york city port authority police officers, volunteers, activists and city officials waiting in anticipation for the arrival of these three busses carrying illegal immigrants directly from texas. new york city officials say part of the problem for them is that they are not getting communication from texas and therefore they have no idea when exactly the busses will arrive, and with how many migrants. and today marked the third bus convoy sent directly to new york city since texas governor greg abbott began bussing migrants here. we counted approximately 95 illegal immigrants today, vast majority, single adult males. more than 4,000 migrants have entered the city's homeless shelter system since may. mayor eric adams is asking for federal assistance as the city works to find temporary housing for them and this morning the mayor attacked governor abbott. >> greg abbott is the worst
10:19 am
among us for him to force people on to busses and send them into parts of the country that they don't understand instead of giving them the support they need. >> adams said he wanted to send a bus load of new yorkers to texas to door knock in an effort to get abbott voted out in november. to which governor abbott said, go ahead, mayor. make my day. >> this is rank hypocrisy. mayor adams said they welcome in illegal immigrants, and now once they had to deal with the reality of it, they are suddenly perplexed and cannot handle it. they are now getting a taste of what we are having to deal with. >> and governor abbott said more busses will be sent to new york city, washington, d.c., and maybe even other communities as he tries to raise awareness about what he calls president biden's border crisis.
10:20 am
sandra. >> sandra: we'll keep watching it. mike. >> mike: china escalating tensions with its new policy on taiwan. the country going back on its promise not to send troops or administrators to taiwan if it takes control of the island. it comes after beijing announced an end of drills near taiwan, but it plans to normalize its military presence in the taiwan strait. mike waltz joins us now, a member of the house arms services committee. house speaker nancy pelosi and her delegation are just back from the region. she talked moments ago, let's play that clip. >> we will not allow china to isolate taiwan. they have kept taiwan from participating in world health organization, other things, where taiwan can make a valued contribution. and they may keep them from going there,s but they are not keeping us from going to taiwan. so we think their reaction, that was our purpose to salute this
10:21 am
thriving democracy. >> what more can policy makers here in washington do to help taiwan and discourage beijing? >> i'll tell you what we shouldn't be doing, that's to continue to tip toe around the issue and continue to allow the chinese to deter us. so also while the speaker was there, the biden administration did not back her up, at all, in fact, tried to stop her from going. in addition to that, mike, they canceled one of the regular tests of our icbms. this is as china is rapidly modernizing theirs and has a rapid nuclear modernization, we should be accelerating our testing and showing them and showing xi that ours work too and ours are capable, not cancelling them because it's too escalatory or, you know, too much of an eye. xi has told his military to be prepared to take taiwan one way
10:22 am
or another by 2027. that includes not only taking the island, but preventing us from interfering, sinking our ships, taking out our assets in space. that's right around the corner. >> mike: in the senate, bob menendez, lindsey graham, and to help taiwan, to help them with security assistance. similar plans underway in the house. what's the latest? >> they are in the house, and here is the lesson we need to learn. we need to learn from ukraine that deterrents failed, and we did not arm the ukrainians ahead of the invasion. biden administration constantly said too escalatory, too provocative, let's hope and plead and beg and borrow, rather than showing the cost are too great and porcupine, so to
10:23 am
speak, ukraine, so it's too much to bite off. we need to do the same with taiwan. right now, we are 3 to 5 years behind arming them up with the stingers, the harpoon, the things they have been asking for. what the legislation will do, not only increase the number of weapons but the types and sophistication of weapons and start providing the training now. they could be training on the stingers and systems here in the united states, even before they are delivered over there, but we have to really harden taiwan. that's how you keep the peace, that's how you prevent xi hopefully from taking such an aggressive measure. why does this matter? if china takes taiwan, they then control the trade, the sea routes, the supply chains to 40 to 50% of global gdp and we saw in the wake of covid little things like mask, gowns and gloves can shut a country down. >> mike: michael waltz from the great state of florida, thank
10:24 am
you, appreciate it. >> sandra: you do not see this every day on a baseball field. two little leaguers from two different teams hugging it out on the pitcher's mound. we'll ask them about that incredible exchange and the scary moment that led up to. they will join us live. >> mike: and inflation cooling off, have prices peaked and could we be at risk of a deeper recession? david asman weighs in. i brought in ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. uhh... here, i'll take that! yay!!! ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar enter powered by protein challenge for a chance to win big!
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>> mike: inflation cooling off a bit in july, prices up 8.5% from a year ago, 6/10% lower than june's record gain. high costs hitting farmers hard and some are worried stricter climate policies could threaten the nation's food supply. but first, to madison is live at a dairy farm in chapel hill, tennessee. madison, what are the farmers
10:29 am
telling you? >> mike, the farmers are really concerned about what they are seeing around the world when it comes to climate policy and how it's impacting agriculture. we are already dealing with a global food shortage, they are worried it could get worse in places like the netherlands and if it comes here we would see issues in the u.s. and could also lose a lot of the small family farms. i've been spending all day on nash family dairy farm here in tennessee. they have been ranch cattle for four generations, they have 1800 cows, and they moved from california to tennessee because they needed to escape the soaring overhead costs and the crip ling state regulations. but now what we are seeing in several countries around the world, imposing of regulations on the agriculture industry. we are talking about things like limits on nitrogen emissions. that sparked major backlash from farmers in those countries.
10:30 am
the biden administration has indicated it aims to push changes on the industry to help tackle climate change. the farmers i have spoken here today, the third and fourth generation of nash family farm, they are worried what it means for farming in america, food supply and what it means for their farm as well. take a listen. >> they bring these climate change issues to america. i can let americans know we will have supply shortages. i think farmers and ranchers are scared. >> it would be quite devastating. in fact, if you see what's happened in the netherlands, they are looking at a high percentage of their farmers going out of business. and you know, we are four generation and we worked our whole lives to build up our farm. >> so one of the concerns, mike, is also the aging population of farmers here in the u.s. average age of around 60, so there needs to be incentive to replace those farmers when our current farmers age out. the worry is if we don't continue to invest in farming
10:31 am
infrastructure, that could add on to these problems and not to mention, just like pretty much everyone else, they are seeing soaring costs from fuel to fertilizer, obviously a huge backbone of this business. mike. >> mike: madison alworth, live on the farm in tennessee. thanks very much. >> sandra: david, i know you are chomping at the bit. >> i can't wait. particularly after hearing from the administration and even news sources like axios saying inflation is at 0, which is ridiculous. we are 8.5 higher than last year. >> sandra: jared bernstein came on fox news and said this, call 41. >> inflation went up 0% in the month of july. this is the first month in over a year that inflation did not go up, held down by an 8% decline in the price of a retail gas.
10:32 am
>> sandra: we really should have kept the split screen of david and jared bernstein, you say what? >> well, first of all, he's a fun guy to debate with, by the way. >> sandra: he's welcome any time. >> but it's just not right. you can't say we have 0 inflation when you have 8.5%, plus the reason -- the reason we should say is inflation has come down, gas prices, gas prices have come down because demand, we have not seen a demand as low for gasoline in this country since the lockdowns of 2020. summer of 2020. that means people are putting off road trips in order to put food on the table. food costs continue. if you go through the numbers as i have of today's inflation numbers, you see food is still up, rent is up, try telling folks who are struggling to make the rent payments because of the huge inflation. 10, 15% inflation in the past couple years on rent prices or tell people at the grocery store there is no inflation, 0 inflation. it's just not true.
10:33 am
by the way, i got an old article from, that says, from -- >> sandra: you turned on set and turned it around. >> here is the headline, a bloomberg headline, says biden says inflation at peak and should soon decline rapidly. but look at the date. december 2021. >> sandra: headline, yeah, this morning. and you said nope. same headline a year ago. >> david: we make a terrible mistake if we believed them then and i think we are making a bad mistake if we believe them now. we have the effects of this huge new spending plan that they just voted in are going to kick in. we still, the fed has a portfolio that is to say that they have money out their, $9 trillion of money still circulating that's going to cause more inflation, and with this new spending plan, we are bound to have more inflation. don't start, you know, having a victory parade right now because
10:34 am
still tough for consumers. >> sandra: you can put the inflation chart up, it shows there are these key moments and president biden's time in office where you have implemented more spending and you've had uncertainty in that office that has led to spikes in prices. here is president biden earlier today. he said this, david, and i'm sure you've got a pretty good reaction to it. >> economic plan is working, building an economy that will reward work. wages are up this month. provide opportunity. help the middle class and still have work to do but we are on track. >> on track for what? we had -- let's not forget, folks, we had two negative quarters that usually was the shorthand for recession, they don't want to use that shorthand. whatever it is, we have a slowing economy, being we have high inflation, that is
10:35 am
stagflation, the worst possible economic combination you can have where folks are maybe worried about whether or not their salary increases are going to watch up with inflation. they are not, they are still behind. salaries are up but still behind the level of inflation. >> sandra: can you take some solace in the number softer than expected, at least no significant jump in prices and the dow is up. >> david: even axios admits the falling gas prices are the reason the inflation number is down right now. but the reason gas prices are down, people are not driving as much as they were. there is demand destruction, prices got so high that people just put off some of their driving trips they had planned. >> sandra: that's the point, the reason they are hiking the interest rates, right, trying to weaken demand, it's going to be pain, short-term pain on our american economy to bring down the prices. >> david: the economy is going down anyway, that's the problem,
10:36 am
and that's what the fed is afraid of. if they jack prices up where we have two back-to-back down quarters, a risk of a serious recession, they have what's called a soft landing to get out of inflation, god willing, i pray that's possible but certainly don't think it's possible with this inflation. >> sandra: acknowledging that spending has gotten us here would be a big first step. >> david: remember the headlines from last december right before a huge spike inflation and they said oh, no, inflation has peaked out. it hadn't and i don't think it has. >> sandra: great to have you on set, we'll have grover norquist on the top of the next hour, his take on all of this and how he views this new economic report and what we should be looking at. >> mike: look forward to that. ok, so back to school sandra in some parts of the country, say it isn't so. a lot of classrooms are missing one key ingredient, why schools
10:37 am
are grappling with a teacher shortage and what they are doing to fix it. >> sandra: a teacher pushed out, but given three-year salary, after pledging allegiance to antifa. another example of wokeness run amuck in schools. veteran homeowners, newday wants to help you use your va home loan benefit to get more. more cash, more savings, more peace of mind. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to
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>> sandra: a lovely summer day there, a golden retriever finding an unusual swimming partner in the pacific ocean. you can hear them yelling tippy, joined by a massive gray whale off the coast of washington state. despite giving her owner a scare, the 6-year-old pooch made it safely back to shore. her owner says she swims around the bay and loves playing with seals but has never had a swimming buddy debate like that. i can hear the fear in tippy's owner's voice as anybody would be, but at the end of it, look like they were just having a little fun. >> our goldendoodle jeter is obsessed with chasing swirls, a deer or two, swimming with whales seems like next level stuff.
10:43 am
>> sandra: enjoy the deer and squirrels. >> mike: start of a new academic year has many schools hitting the panic button, nearly 400,000 teaching positions vacant, mark meredith is at a school here in washington. are teachers fed up with the way things are? >> mike, certainly seems to be the case. the massive teacher shortage in k-12 nationwide is causing a lot of problems for education officials and no sign it's a problem that it's going to anthony time soon. at least 235,000 teachers decided to leave during the pandemic and also seen a large number of teachers simply retire and move on with their careers, and with that, there are job openings not being filled very quickly. we are also seeing like so many other industries, education seeing seismic shifts in their industry because of the pandemic and education experts say they are not surprised.
10:44 am
>> the job of teaching has gotten much more complex during the pandemic. teachers have been charged with managing health and safety protocols in school. they are responsible for supporting their students' recovery in their learning from this pandemic. >> we are also hearing from the teachers who are still in the classroom. we caught up with dawn lucas, a special education teacher in virginia. she says the burnout factor very real and she understands why so many of her colleagues are choosing to move on. >> i must admit, it has been very stressful. i spoke with people and i told them that, you know, i've been at this a while, and i would say this particular school year has probably been one of my most challenging. >> the american federation of teachers, the second largest teachers' union here in the country is tracking what teachers are saying in the classroom. they report a 34% increase in dissatisfaction among k-12 professionals just as covid
10:45 am
began, and another statistic more sobering, three out of four teachers would not recommend people to go in the profession, and it's such an important one. >> better not hang out too long, they might try to hire you. >> i'm happy where i am. >> back to school here in washington. >> sandra: inflation may be trending down but the economy is far but out of the woods. could the spending plan put a halt to any progress? we will get grover norquist's take. >> mike: potential horror turning into a heart warmer on a little league field. a pitcher hit a batter, and the batter went out to comfort him. the comfort moments, next. ...the tower cam for a - hey! folks, we seem to have a visitor. it looks like - looks like you paid too much for your glasses. ...who? anyone who isn't shopping at america's best - where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95.
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♪♪♪ >> sandra: soaking in all the good moments, that was a moment of great sportsmanship that has gone viral from a little league playoff game, it happened yesterday. a fastball getting away from the pitcher and hitting the hitter in the head. sending him to the ground. the batter was able to walk it off to first eventually, and then headed over to the mound to console the shaken-up pitcher. watch this.
10:50 am
>> here we go! >> oh, look out. my god, oh, my god. that's awesome. wow, that is a tough kid right there. so this is really cool, because as a pitcher, he looks shaken up right now because he what he did. and look at jarvis, such great sportsmanship. he wanted him to know he's ok, he'll be fine.
10:51 am
>> sandra: isiah jarvis plays short stop for the tulsa nationals, and kaiden is from texas. we have been looking forward to this all day, ever since we saw that moment. we have watched it many times and still cry. you really took one to the head there. >> i'm doing good. i just have a bruise. >> ok. what led up to that moment? you obviously took -- you took the pitch into the head, you took some time to recover, you walked it off to first base, but then what happened? >> yeah, so -- i got hit, i went to first, and then i saw kaiden getting emotional on the mound a little bit, so i wanted to go out there and try to be like, you know, like give him comfort, like make sure he was not -- he wasn't like feeling bad. i mean -- but he --
10:52 am
that he wasn't like -- i wanted him to know that i was ok. >> oh. >> and i would be ok. >> kaiden, what was going through your mind? >> i thought like, i thought i sent him to the hospital and i thought he passed out, but when he got up i felt a lot better after that, because i'm just glad he's ok. >> isiah, what did you say to kaiden when you went over to him on the mound to comfort him? >> i just said, i was just like comforting him, like you're good, still strike, you are fine. i was basically telling him that it would be ok, and i was like you're all right, like -- >> sandra: the phone ringing makes me laugh. i was wondering, you guys are so young, here you are, you are on national television, you have no idea this moment would go viral. it was just a good heart-warming moment that i think so many
10:53 am
people want right now, and are you surprised at how many people watched this video and how viral it has gone, isiah? >> yeah. it's pretty crazy. i can't believe that. >> mike: did the hug allow you to go back into the game to do your job as the pitcher? >> yes, ma'am. or, yes, sir. >> sandra: oh, you boys are good boys. you are still in the middle of it. and kaiden, you are going to go on to the little league world series, right. i believe your team won the game 9-4, and this is certainly a moment a lot of people watch and say you know, i hope my kid has that show of sportsmanship when they take to the field, kaiden. what did your parents say when they saw this happen? i know both of your parents were at the game. >> so my mom, she was like, she's proud of both of us. she said isiah has like a really
10:54 am
good heart and he has really good sportsmanship and they are both really proud of us. >> sandra: isiah, i know your mom was in the stands, she's seen in the stands wearing your jersey number. it was complete fear of how hard you were hit with the baseball but then saw this play out. what did she have to say? >> i don't think she really said much. i didn't really hear that, i was talking to my dad most of the time. but i think she was just proud of me. >> mike: kaiden, have you ever hit somebody like that before? i know, you know, pitching is tough, and obviously you didn't mean to do it, but you know, seeing a guy get hit in the head, had that ever happened to you on the baseball field before? >> no, sir, i've never thrown that, i've never thrown at somebody's head before, yeah. i've never done that. >> sandra: i know you guys are
10:55 am
awesome players and it was an awesome game that took an unexpected turn, i should say a little bit of a curveball there in the middle of the game, but you guys set a great example for so many in sports, and great to have you on the show today. thank you so much for joining us. >> mike: thank you, guys. well done. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> sandra: thank you, isiah. and thank you, kaiden. good luck. everybody i show the video to, couldn't help but cry, just, you know, it's kids being kids, and at the end of the day, you know, these kids look out for each other and i know baseball at the heart of it, those guys want to help each other out, and nice to see kids just doing good things. >> mike: i hope some of the big leaguers were watching, they could take a lesson in sportsmanship by the young guys. >> sandra: absolutely. thank you for stopping in the middle of their tournament to join us. a frantic search is on in
10:56 am
california after a 16-year-old girl disappears. went to a campground party friday night and vanished without a trace. what happened? ted williams is here. plus, grover norquist on the brand-new inflation numbers. jonathan turley on president trump taking the fifth, and a young fan's viral moment at a dodgers game. all that as "america reports" rolls on. a little elbow grease, you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember.
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11:00 am
>> sandra: a teenager is missing and police fear she was taken by force. investigators putting out the urgent alert while a terrified mother begs for her baby back. >> if you see this, please just, please just come home. i want nothing more than to hug you. >> sandra: new information breaking this hour, we'll have that for you. welcome back as "america reports" rolls into hour two. i'm sandra smith in new york.
11:01 am
hello, mike. >> mike: all american tv nice guy with a voice we all remember. >> freedom, was more than just a full tank of gas and highway under my wheels, me on my own. >> mike: fred savage may have been a fan favorite back in "wonder years" but today a bombshell new report claiming kevin arnold grew up to be a creep. the allegations ahead. >> sandra: capitol hill, house democrats are meeting as they prepare to ram through hundreds of billions of taxpayers dollars in the name of their new social spending bill. they claim it will help lower inflation, but republicans and economists are not buying it. >> republicans in particular warning the plan to beef up the irs will hit the middle and lower class families. >> irs is the biggest winner in this ridiculous, pathetic schumer manchin bill. not cut inflation, not promote
11:02 am
great, will not lower debt, and will not reduce the global warming temperatures either. >> sandra: that was when kudlow joined us yesterday. democrats are saying it will force just the ultra wealthy to pay, critics say tax hikes for most while giving billionaires a break. >> mike: it shows the economy is not out of the weeds yet, despite inflation cooling off. >> sandra: and president biden is heading for vacation, uber exclusive island off the coast of south carolina. grover norquist is standing by. >> mike: jacqui heinrich is travelling live on kiwa island, what do we know about his vacation plans? >> jacqui: very little, actually. all we know is it has a global reputation for golf, five world class courses here, the ocean golf course is the site of
11:03 am
former, or prior pga championships, and we don't know too much about whether or not biden plans to play when he's here, he has visited the island in the past as vice president, and don't know where he's staying. he did not talk to reporters before leaving. he did, however, sign another piece of legislation expanding benefits to veterans exposed to toxic burn pits. >> this is the most significant law our nation has ever passed, to help millions of veterans who were exposed to toxic substances during their military services. you know, the secretary can tell you. i was going to get this done come hell or high water. >> jacqui: another legislative win for biden, after he signed a
11:04 am
chip bill, and also climate agenda and boost biden's approval rating to 40% this week, highest since june. ahead of the midterms and after months and months of terrible polling, democrats have been openly debating whether or not the president should run again in 2024. the white house still says he will, even after former president trump dropped his biggest hint at another presidential bid in a campaign-style video yesterday. >> does the president still want to think that he would be very fortunate to run against trump in 2024? like he has done before? >> again, i'm not going to comment -- i'm -- >> in the next election, very fortunate if i had the same man running against me. is he -- >> all i can tell you, peter, is the president intends to run in 2024. >> jacqui: we don't know too much about what the president is going to do over the course of the next week, he did not take any questions today, did not take any questions yesterday, and on monday in kentucky he
11:05 am
only had a brief exchange with reporters talking about flood damage in kentucky and taiwan, and there's nothing on the president's schedule in terms of events that the press will attend in south carolina, mike. >> mike: jacqui, thanks very much. >> sandra: bring in grover norquist now, thank you. you are one of the most renowned economists we talk to on this program, david asman was nervous about coming before you today, so he gave us his take last hour. grover, you tell us, put the inflation in america chart up on the screen, shows 8.5% year over year, softer number, some economists are saying maybe the high prices are peaking out here. maybe this is the end of sky high inflation. are you seeing any signs of that, even the dow jones industrial average has been up like 500 points today because there is some optimism out there
11:06 am
that maybe inflation is peaking? >> ok, we, ask yourself why. food is up, rent is up, real wages are down, what did sort of plateau or go down a bit was the price of gasoline. why? because 1.2 million barrels of oil a day less compared to last year, people are driving less, travelling less, that's not good news. that's bad news. people can't afford to. so they are doing less of it and the demand for gasoline is down. this is the worst -- the lowest level of gasoline consumption since the bottom of the pandemic back in 2020. so unless we want to travelling as much as we did in august during the pandemic, this is not a number that stays there. it is down because people are driving less, they are driving less one presumes because prices are so high and they are not sure they can afford it.
11:07 am
that is a reaction to the inflation. this is not something -- this is not good news, this is bad news. >> sandra: ok. you know, some will say we'll take it, this drop in gas prices, you can put it on the screen, the national average you can see has been dipping. you are making the same case that david asman made last hour, a sign we are getting ahold of the problem, but this is people driving less and demand is going down because people are having to spend their dollars elsewhere. groceries, rent prices are going up, so what does that mean now that we have this massive spending bill going through, when you clearly see over the past year and a half, any time this administration has implemented large amounts of spending inflation has only gone up. so, what happens now, grover? >> i like the fact that they have decided to call this tax
11:08 am
and spending bill the inflation reduction act because they finally admitted there is inflation. we went through a year and a half, biden said it did not happen, it's transitory, it's putin, it's over in december, that was last december it was, not next -- last december it was going to be over by. they are now facing the fact they have a massive inflation problem that they created, it did not exist before the $2 trillion was thrown up in the air and the increase in spending and money supply, so now recession inducing spending bill to fix the inflation bill and then later something to fix the recession. this is more government piled on top of more government. how does that -- this is how we got in the mess, spend too much, tax too much. solution to that is tax more, spend more? how? >> sandra: and beef up the irs,
11:09 am
87,000 more agents? let me get this in here. jared bernstein advises the president on the economy. he said this this morning real quick. >> i irs resources will not add to audits under making 400,000, and not one penny increase in the inflation reduction act. >> sandra: poorest u.s. homes audited five times higher than anyone in 2021. households making under $25,000 in this country were five times more likely to be audited by the irs in fiscal year 2021. how are we to look at some stats, and i have many more in front of me and not think this is going to affect the lower and middle income families in this country the most, grover? >> of course it will, but how do you expect bernstein to answer that question. the president lied his way into office when he said he would not raise taxes on people who made
11:10 am
less than 400,000. this bill raises taxes on coal, crude oil, what they make gasoline out of and natural gas. that's energy. that's everybody in the country, the poorest person and the richest, everybody is being whacked by that. it's going to increase the cost of energy for people, and when you look at all the various taxes that they are putting on this, it's going to reduce the value of stocks, already dropped as a result of biden's policies, 1% tax on buy-backs and so on will make your shares of stock in your 401(k), ira, union pension all worth less. reduce the value of your life savings and half the country is in the 401(k) and ira business. the new audits, 1.2 million new audits. less than 1,000 billionaires and only 500 companies in the fortune 500. the rest of them are us.
11:11 am
that's who they are auditing, and they know that, and bernstein knows that. >> sandra: a time you have 60% of the country living paycheck to paycheck and more than ever working two full-time jobs to pay for it. thank you very much. >> mike: sandra, another story all new at 2:00, a teenager celebrating her graduation with a couple hundred friends. when the party clears, kylie is nowhere to be found. abduction alert coming up. >> sandra: two days since fbi raided mar-a-lago, but not a peep. how long can attorney general garland stay silent on this? >> he's not going to want to confirm details of the investigation and tell us like the underlying information, but they could give us a timeline where they said look, we tried to be reasonable with these people.
11:12 am
11:13 am
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>> sandra: former president trump fleedz pleads the fifth during a deposition with the new york attorney general. part of james' civil investigation into his business dealings. comes as the justice department is silent. and david lee miller is live outside trump tower in midtown manhattan, what is the former president saying about pleading the fifth? >> well, he brought up a very interesting point. he remembered in the past saying that, questioning why anyone who was innocent would take the fifth, and today he said,
11:18 am
sandra, he now knows the answer to that. you take the fifth against self-incrimination what your family and company is a target of a politically motivated witch hunt. mr. trump arrived at the attorney general's office a little after 9:00, after departing his trump tower apartment and waving at the cameras, taking the fifth does not necessarily prevent the lawyers from asking their questions which might explain why he is still believed this hour to be at the attorney general's office. attorney general james is investigating whether mr. trump and his company inflated the value of properties to obtain loans, tax deductions and other financial benefits. in a statement he shared on his social media platform, mr. trump said in part, i quote, years of work and tens of dollars, james realizes i built a great company
11:19 am
and value, and her case is a scam why they have not been able to file a single charge. he continues, the u.s. constitution exists for this purpose and i will utilize it to defend myself against this malicious attack, by this administration, attorney general's office and all other attacks on my family, businesses and our country. notable here, three of mr. trump's children have already been questioned as part of this ongoing probe. the a.g. investigation is a civil matter, but it could result in fines against mr. trump as well as his company. manhattan district attorney is conducting a separate ongoing criminal investigation into mr. trump's business dealings. anything mr. trump might have said in a deposition today had he not taken the fifth could arguably have been used in that criminal matter. another reason for him, sandra, to remain silent.
11:20 am
>> sandra: david lee miller live outside trump tower. thank you. >> mike: bring in jonathan turley, law professor at george washington university and fox news contributor. professor, welcome. >> jonathan: thank you, mike. >> mike: the probe by the u.s. attorney general, the former president invoking the fifth amendment right today. your thoughts on that. >> jonathan: i've been very critical of james in how she's approached some of these investigations in the past. she ran for office on the pledge that she would essentially bag trump or his associates. i wrote at the time that i thought that was really deeply inappropriate. there wasn't any specificity, sort of a thrill kill pledge and i thought at that time that it really danced along the edge of ethics. so there's a lot of mistrust here, a lot of bad blood between james and the trump
11:21 am
organization. the invocation of the fifth amendment is certainly his right, even though the president has previously made fun of others using it. in a civil case you can draw some inferences from it. we have seen in the january 6th committee they continue to refer to people taking the fifth, i also believe is inappropriate. this is a civil matter, but there is a collateral criminal proceeding going on so there is a risk of self-incrimination. >> mike: to the raid of mar-a-lago, about 48 hours after the raid, and no public comments from the attorney general or the fbi director. i understand that's typically their procedures during an ongoing investigation, but this is anything but your typical investigation. your thoughts on that. >> jonathan: that's right, mike. this is not your typical situation. news week is reporting that they had a confidential informant who told them what was being
11:22 am
withheld and where it was. they also say the fbi wanted to try to lower the profile by conducting the raid while the president was out of town. borders on delusional. the first raid on history on a former president's residence is not low profile. you issue a subpoena instead of descending on the home of a former president with dozens of fbi agents. there is an expectation for many of us that attorney general garland will come and answer some of these questions as to why the raid was when discussions were going on, why they couldn't use the subpoena. and people have suggested this was a pretextual effort to find january 6th material. in my view, that would be deeply
11:23 am
unethical if they told the court it was about finding classified evidence while intending to use it to find other types of evidence. >> mike: nearly out of time. are you surprised the former president or somebody on his team has not released the search warrant? >> jonathan: i am, and that's a lack of transparency on the trump said. they can release certainly the first page of that warrant that was used. why wouldn't you release that? obviously they don't believe its in their self-interest. but that is another example of the lack of transparency on both sides. i think they should release that information so that we could try to get a better handle on what has occurred here. there are serious concerns on both sides. >> mike: jonathan turley, thank you for your time and analysis today. >> jonathan: thank you, mike. >> sandra: always good to have jonathan turley. thank you. a lesson, meanwhile, for teachers looking to increase their salary. there is one school district
11:24 am
gave a high school teacher triple his pay. what he did to earn that has parents outraged. >> mike: a mother's message to anybody who can hear her, keep an eye out for her missing daughter. details on a possible abduction. >> her friends left, she stayed behind, reminds me of a natalie holloway situation. text mom, i'll be leaving in 45 minutes, and that was that. goes away magiy and then suddenly returns. but inflation never really goes away. each year - by some measure - the dollar declines in value. well - here's something else that doesn't go away... gold and silver. rosland capital - a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and our premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital at 800-630-8900
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11:30 am
>> mike, police are releasing a new picture of kiely hours before she headed to the party at the campground, from surveillance video from a local business in truckee on friday around 6:00 p.m. a black tank top and green dickie pants. piercings and tattoo, and the placer county sheriff hopes the new picture could help find her. the fbi has joined the search amid growing fears she may have been abducted. more than 100 people were at that graduation party, mostly teenagers. but apparently word got out some older people showed up, and no one apparently saw kiely leave. police say she was last seen at about 12:30 saturday morning around the same time her cell phone stopped working. police dive teams have begun searching a nearby reservoir for any signs of the 16-year-old or her silver honda crv. her mother says kiely texted her
11:31 am
from the party letting her know when she would be home. >> we got home around 11 and she sent me a text at 11:30 telling me she was going to be leaving about 12:15, and coming home, and i asked her to wake me up when she got in, that was always kind of what we did, and she said ok, mom, i love you. and that was the last. >> according to a girlfriend who was with her at the party, kiely was planning to spend the night at the campground because she had been drinking and was in no condition to drive. her friend worries kiely might have been offered a ride home but took her somewhere else. the wait for answers is grueling for the family, which is now offering a $50,000 reward for insulation. >> sandra: ted williams, a
11:32 am
former d.c. homicide detective and fox news contributor. ted, thank you for joining us. put kiely rodni's description on the screen, if anybody has seen her or any information, they are looking for anyone to call in tips, 5'7", 118 pounds, blonde hair, hazel eyes, green pants, a blacktop, tank top and jewelry, knows ring and several other piercings. graduated her mother says at 16 years old with honors, ted. her mother tell fox digital she has beautiful, tall, blonde hair, not a run away type of kid said her mother. this is a huge search for this girl who has gone missing. >> sandra, it is certainly a huge search. it's sort of like unfortunately this stage a needle in a haystack.
11:33 am
we do have somewhat of the timeline that around 12:15 that she did, in fact, call her mother, that around 12:30, around 12:33 her phone pinged and it is now dead, that she came to that party in her 2013 honda civic automobile. we also noted that she was drinking and that one of her friends, as you have already represented, said that they thought she was going to be staying at the campsite. but there is a search by local, state and federal authorities. they are checking land or sea and by air for this young lady. >> mike: ted, as a parent your worries would grow by the day as law enforcement, as each day goes by, do you get more and more concerned as well? >> you know, it's hard to say because what they are doing is
11:34 am
treating it as an abduction to some degree, and that is because the car itself is missing. she has no history of running away so the longer this goes, it's more questionable as to whether they will bring her back alive, but we have seen this happen before where individuals have gone missing for long periods of time and they have been found. one of the questions is, if there was not an abduction or there was not foul play, was she or is she somewhere out there injured. these are all the things that are going through law enforcement's mind at this time. >> sandra: and your point about the car being unaccounted for, that's obviously a big piece of this story. she, the mother is asking anyone who attended that party and their parents to look through their photos. obviously these days people take constant pictures, perhaps they can identify somebody unusual
11:35 am
who was in the crowd there. they are also asking folks to look through social media posts, videos, any signs of her. home and business owners in the surrounding area are asking to check their surveillance cameras for any sign of the girl on august 5th and six. you have to hope and pray something turns up here. >> absolutely. and sandra, you brought up something that i need to say, and that is law enforcement believes that there were about 2 to 300 individuals at this party. they believe somebody, somebody at that party knows something, and they are asking those individuals to call in, there's a tip line, there's also a $50,000 reward. all they want is information as to where kiely is and how to bring her home. they are not interested in arresting any of the teenagers there, so i'm hoping that one of the individuals at that party
11:36 am
will call in and give law enforcement the tips that they need to bring this young lady home. >> sandra: ted williams, thank you very much for joining us. we are going to continue to follow this story closely. we will bring our viewers updates as they come in. we all hope for the absolute best. >> mike: lots of questions, a doctor accused of trying to kill her doctor husband by doctoring his drink. one of the biggest questions today, why isn't this alleged would be killer locked up? william is live in los angeles. hello, william. >> the husband installed the nanny cams in the kitchen to find out if what he suspected was true, the images you have been seeing. and now the d.a. wants to see some lab results to back that up or not. that emily poisoned her husband with draino, and she denies it,
11:37 am
and she says all about chen trying to get custody of their children in the divorce. emily allegedly grabs a bottle of draino from under the sink and powers it in her husband's cup. chen claimed in march he noticed a chemical taste in the morning lemonade and suffered stomach, and a doctor diagnosed him with an ulcer and inflammation of the esophagus. he expected emily tried to kill her and installed the cameras to catch her in the act. in a statement to fox news, her attorney says she denies attempting to poison her husband. chen is 53, a radiologist, emily, dermatologist, married ten years, live in a $3 million
11:38 am
house in orange county, but he filed for divorce. after her arrest for poisoning, who did emily call to get her bailed out, her husband. he refused. he did not post bail. court date has been set for november and poisoning someone will get you five years or maybe more, depending how serious. back to you. >> mike: william, thanks very much. >> sandra: all right, mike. from "wonder years" to what happened? wait until you hear the accusations against fred savage. >> mike: the teacher who got paid for praising antifa. welcome to your world. your why. what drives you? what do you want to leave behind? that's your why. it's your purpose,
11:39 am
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>> sandra: he was once seen as television's all american boy, kevin arnold. now, all grown up. but according to a new report, the actor who played him, fred savage, is nothing like the wholesome character he played on tv. garrett tenny has the latest. >> fred savage is accused of erratic and manipulative behavior toward some of the women who worked under him on the "wonder years" reboot, including harassment and assault. several of the six women who filed a complaint against savage in february tell the hollywood
11:44 am
reporter the former child star never showed aggressive behavior toward some, but away from the lights, a different person and verbally harassed members of the crew. savage, married with three children, said he took her to dinner and offered her expensive gifts which she declined. she claims he followed her into the women's bathroom at a bar the crew went to for drinks, telling the outlet he put his mouth on mine forcefully, went for my pants, i pushed him away, and pulled my hand and put it on his groin area. i shoulder checked him so i could get out. savage, previous allegations of sexual harassment and assault settled outside of court is pushing back on the latest allegations, saying while there are some incidents reported that absolutely did and could not have happened, any one person who feels hurt or offended by my
11:45 am
actions is one person too many. i will work to address and change behavior that has negatively affected anyone. nothing in this world is more important than being a supportive co-worker, friend, father and husband. the "wonder years" reboot is moving on without savage. disney committed to a second season after letting savage go. >> mike: a teacher getting paid after pledging allegiance to antifa, in the sacramento area. the school district paying the man three years' salary to step down, after video showed him bragging about how it was his goal to turn his students into "revolutionaries." bring in terry schilling, so three years' pay, 190,000 bucks, one would think in the private sector you would be fired for cause, not so in our schools, though. >> no, must be really nice to be
11:46 am
a radical left wing teacher these days. can you imagine it happening to anyone else, absolutely not. and a clear double standard. tanner cross, a teacher in loudoun county got fired and let go, and he showed up not in the classroom but at the school board meeting to voice his opinion. there's a double standard and a price to pay when it comes to elections. this led to the virginia pushback. this has a political consequence to it and you can keep doing it but we are going to make you pay. >> put on the screen what the school district told kcra-tv in sacramento, we have put this behind us and move forward. what's most important is welcoming the students back to the start of a new school year. they want to turn the page clearly but makes you wonder how much more teachers are out there like this guy. >> right. and such a high payout, not
11:47 am
likely to take up issue with other teachers indoctrinating. it's a whole host of issues that they are indoctrinating our kids and ruining them on and now there won't be any accountability because school districts cannot afford to pay out $190,000 for every student, or for every teacher that they fire from being radical. teachers unions will bankrupt the country. >> he said he only had a matter of months to scare the [bleep] out of their students turning them into revolutionaries. like how many years was this guy teaching and how many kids did this guy scar? >> not only that, about you how many other teachers are out there like that. there are entire tiktok and social media accounts that follow radical teachers who are indoctrinating our kids every day and they are not just doing it on their own volition, they are doing it with the tax dollars. that makes it criminal and upsetting. >> mike: thank you for your time.
11:48 am
new school year, get ready. sandra. >> sandra: i'm sorry, i'm talking to tyruss and cat, they are coming up. fall is around the corner, back to school season. enjoy the rest of your summer. that means it is back to school shopping for many of those school supplies. wait until you see the prices american families are facing. >> mike: heart warming act on the little diamond. >> i was just like comforting him, and said you are good, you are fine. i was just basically just telling him that it would be ok. >> mike: tyruss and cat are here.
11:49 am
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>> mike: and explosive plane crash in a crowded highway and somehow everybody is okay. it happened in corona, california southeast of l.a. the single engine plane had to make an emergency landing. the only place that was
11:54 am
available was jam packed with traffic. the plane hit a truck and burst into flames. police say not one person was hurt. >> that's hard to believe. glad everybody is okay. >> mike: wow. >> sandra: the big league move from a little leaguer. >> look out! >> martha: caught on camera, that batter hit in the head hard. not only did he end up walking it off, but he ends up consoling the pitcher. it's a moment that has gone viral. let's bring in kat timpf and tyrus. i think we need to see that moment where the batter then walks out to the pitcher's mound and hugs the pitcher. this was terrifying, by the way.
11:55 am
>> i've played baseball and been on the wrong side of a fastball. >> sandra: he makes his way to first base. the pitcher couldn't recover after hitting the batter. he walks out and gives him a hug. >> kids are kids. a lot of pressure, throw strikes. last thing he wants to do is hurt somebody else. he's tall, a big kid but he's a child. he was probably as scared as the parents were. he still had to stay out there and pitch. >> awesome kids. they joined us with their hats and glasses last hour. here's a bit of what they said after this had gone viral. >> i thought he passed out. when he got up, i felt better after that. i'm just glad he's okay. >> i saw him getting emotional on the mound a little bit, so i wanted to go up there and try to be like, you know, give him comfort.
11:56 am
like make sure he wasn't like feeling bad. >> sandra: a feel-good moment. we needed that. >> so sweet to obviously go through something like that. extremely painful and be concerned about oh, he feels so bad that he hit me in the head. that would be terrifying. >> what else i'm impressed that they're marketing geniuses. they need sunglasses. >> shrine them together. >> how cool they were with their sunglasses on. randy! >> absolutely. >> one of them had it upside-down. is that a thing to put it upside-down? >> maybe it is. we're talking about it. >> he had his arm -- >> sandra: a line of sunglasses designed to be warn upside-down. isaiah had his flipped like this. >> he has it together. thanking god and country. he's going to run for office.
11:57 am
i feel good. we're in good hands. >> sandra: we feel good about those kids. you like to think kids are like this. >> most of them are. >> sandra: real quick, this was another moment that has gone viral. another baseball moment. this little guy at a dodger's game. i believe the sixth inning of the game. the announcers couldn't get enough of him devouring this ice cream. >> i'm so jealous of this kid. when i was at a baseball game as a child, i did everything i could to get on the big screen. never worked. he's been on "outnumbered" and this show. >> i love his arrogance. he's probably been doing this two weeks now. no looks. lucky. this is my favorite time when the babies start eating and stuff. my daughter used to do that. the only problem is she would feed me and be nonstop. i have a video. laugh about it. so called. >> sandra: sweet summer baseball
11:58 am
moment. glad that isaiah is okay, the batter that got hit. he's doing fine. caden, great sportsmanship. see you tonight on "gutfeld." >> mike: thanks, sandra. inflation upping stress levels for parents with school about to start. basic supplies are hitting families hard. lydia hu has more. lydia, how much are we talking? >> hey there, mike. such a stressful time to see prices high for parents as they're sending kids back to school. take a look at this basket of basic back-to-school items like notebooks, binders and folders. it would cost parents 15% more this year to buy them items than last year. that's according to a firm called data weave. price compared this year to last year. they found the price of a notebook, about 31% over last year. pencils and pens up 25%.
11:59 am
because of the increases, we're expecting consumers to pull back, saving where they can. electronics are expected to go down about $100. pull-back on backpacks and shoes. maybe parents are saying you're going to use what you used last year. masks, not mandated. that's a good things. spending also going to go down. prices overall, mike, they're high. national retail federation expects per house house average spending will be $864 this year. $15 higher than last year even with these anticipated pullbacks. six out of ten families say they're going back to the stores, places like target and walmart are major destinations. dollar stores also on the rise. that's a real sign of the times. people are looking for a place to stretch the budget, stretch
12:00 pm
the dollar. get the most amount of back to school supplies for one buck at a time. mike? >> mike: thanks, lydia. good advice. sandra? >> sandra: everything costs more. i'm just thinking, you know, go sharpen the pencils from last year. >> mike: that's right. they still work. >> sandra: they still work. mike, great to be with you. see you tomorrow. i'm sandra smith. >> mike: "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thanks very much, mike and sandra. good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. we have two big stories with brand new developments at this hour. we're going to the white house. we will speak with presidential adviser gene sperling just moments away as the market has taken off late this afternoon. first, the story that is rocking the country. 90 days before the mid-terms, unprecedented raid. even some nonsupporters of the former president expressed deep concern about what's going on in america. this from the national


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